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Aurora is a vertical slice demo developed by Fas3 Studios as part of their end of degree project. The intention was creating a game with all it's systems so that it could be expanded in the future. At the same time, we decided to investigate on different ways of approaching combat inside hack n slash games, creating what we call Free Angle Combat System was the combat system used in our game.




Free Angle Combat System (FACS): Will allow you to choose the direction, and timing of your attacks so you can find your own combate tempo. It'll help you reach the enemies weak points for MAXIMUM DAMAGE.

Climbing system: The basic climbing system allows for a better exploration dynamic, which allows a more platformer like exploring.


CONTROLS (Xbox 360 Controller supported)



WASD / Left Joystick : Movement.

Space / A: Jump.

Jump onto highlighted ledges to climb.


R/Y: Un/sheathe blade.

Left-Click / RT: Start attack.

Left - Click / RT (Release): Attack.

(While attack charging) Mouse movement, Right Joystick: Aim Attack.

Space / A (While in combat): Dash/dodge.

Alt / B (While in combat): Roll.





Amadeo Delgado


Santiago Arribas (Lead) --------- Team Lead & UX/UI.

Luis Chamarro -------------------- Gameplay programming.

Enrique Gautier ------------------ AI Programming.


Borja Parrondo (Lead)  ------------- Team Lead & 3D .

Salvador Baños ---------------------- 3D, Concept Art & Enviroment art.

Ignacio Crespo ---------------------- 3D.

Daniel De Vicente ------------------- Concept Art & Textures.

Gabriel Marinozzi ------------------- VFX.

Maria Palencia ----------------------- Concept Art.

Diego Lopez-Fuensalida ------------ Animation.

Alejandro Beamud ------------------- Animation.


Luis Martinez (Lead) ----------------- Team Lead, Game Design & Level Design.

Steven Kormanik --------------------- Game Design.


Luis Martínez.

Amadeo Delgado.

Diego Lopez-Fuensalida.

Enrique Gautier.

Salvador Baños.


STATUS                ------------------------------------ PAUSED.


Development is currently paused as we work on other projects. We aim to show the main mechanics this game would have in a short demo. We had planned a boss fight and further exploration although sadly we couldn't meet the deadline for it, although we might come back to finish it in the future.

If you downloaded the game, thank you very much! We hope you enjoyed it, that your day wasn't ruined by any bug ruining your experience, and we'd love to hear any feedback from it, constructive criticism helps us to make our games better. Don't doubt in contacting us, if you find a bug, you liked something, or you wanna know our favourite food.

You can follow us on youtube and twitter.




Jorge Aranda: For helping us with the development, and testing the game everytime we needed him.

Gabriel D Bomb: For being our OG tester for everything we ever create.


Aurora-Itch.io Build 1.0.0 (Prototype)

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