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      Pixel Perfect Colega is a game currently in development as part of a side project by Fas3's Producer Amadeo Delgado Casado and Game Designer Luis Martínez Barceló. For now the game is in hiatus, until we have time to continue with the development, if ever. 

    The game speaks more for itself than my words will, and it'll barely take you 2 minutes to try, so download under your will. 

   Try to survive dodging the impact of the glowy cubes, and defending yourself by shooting at them, but be careful, these bullets don't last forever. You can only tank 3 hits, so use them wisely.  Simple right? Trust me, you won't find anything surprising here.



Movement: A (Move left) D (Move right)

Right click: SHOOT (limited to 30 bullets)

Esc: Pause


Made by:

Amadeo Delgado

Luis Martínez

This is a WIP prototype, we have no clue what we'll do with it, or if we'll further develop it. Thanks for playing regardless =).


Pixel_perfect1 v0.9.rar 398 MB

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