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All cuts are fair, cut everything you can to get through,  whatever you need to avoid it from happening. Everything's fair in this war.

01100111     01100101     01110100     0010000001101000     01100101 

======= CONTROLS  ==============================================

01110010   0010000001101111   01110101   01110100

A / D = Move right/left

W/Space bar = Jump

E/Right click (Press) = Freeze objects 

E/Right click (Release) = Push objects away 

Left click (Hold and release) = Cut.


DEVS = Fas3 Jam Team

Amadeo Delgado

Luis Martínez

Diego Lopez-Fuensalida

Enrique Gautier

Jorge Aranda

Special Thanks : Steven Kormanik, our fallen warrior (Flu).


Undefined 0.0.1.rar 547 MB

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