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Ever tried delivering Tofu through the Grand
Canyon before the LSD hits?

Me neither... until today.
===========  CONTROLS  =========================

W: Accelerate Foward.
S: Break.
A: Drift Left.
D: Drift Right.
Camera: Adjust vision angle, and turn assist.
R: Restart Level.

============ Pre-made Assets ===================

Rocks, and floor textures come from Quixel.

Credits mini-game was pre-made (Pixel Perfect by Fas3).

Music: Running in the 90s - Max Coveri
       Running in the 90s (Synthwave) - sytricka

Sounds: Ae-86 "Hachiroku" Panda Trueno sounds taken from a real Panda trueno video on youtube.
Tire sounds drift also found in youtube.

Hachiroku (car) -> found online months ago, sadly we can't find the original artist to credit him  or her :(


TranformDrift.rar 361 MB

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